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Data breach incidents continue to rise

Despite the recent enforcement of stricter data protection laws (e.g. GDPR), data breaches remain a big issue globally.

The latest Breach Level Index (BLI) reveals that a staggering 4.55billion records were compromised during the first half of 2018 – that’s 291 records every second, more than three times the number of data breaches that occurred per second in 2017.

Of the 945 breach incidents recorded in the H1 2018 BLI report, the Healthcare sector was responsible for more incidents than any other (27%).

The cost associated with data breaches continues to rise too. According to the  2018 Cost of Data Breach Study the average total cost of a breach was £3.13million*. The average cost per stolen record was £120*, however costs vary significantly by sector and once again it’s the Healthcare sector facing the greatest financial impact.

To avoid crippling fines, major business disruption and long-term reputational damage, Healthcare professionals need to take action.

Prognosis for the healthcare sector

The health sector handles some of the most sensitive personal data, and patients have the right to expect that their information will be looked after. Recent reports will concern many…


The Breach Level Index for H1 2018 shows the Healthcare sector to be the biggest contributor of data breach incidents.


The average cost per lost/stolen record in the Healthcare sector is more than double the overall average of £120*.

Furthermore, on the black market medical records are reportedly worth up to 10 times more than credit card records, making the sector a focal point for attackers.

All breaches, great and small

Large breaches are well-publicised but smaller incidents, often linked to human error/negligence can be just as costly and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Breach Level Index for H1 2018 claims that 34% of all data breach incidents were due to accidental loss.

Mobile-working is growing in popularity and whilst the benefits are undeniable, failure to educate employees fully on the importance of data security and implement the right tools could result in a costly data breach.

We aim to make data security simple with our SafeToGo® Solutions portfolio; a range of simple, cost-effective, easy to use tools designed to help businesses protect sensitive data wherever it goes.

Hardware encrypted USBs – The smart way to secure data on the move

  • One third of UK organisations have experienced a data loss or breach as a direct result of mobile working.
  • Over 20 million unencrypted USB drives are lost or stolen every year.
  • Extensive use of encryption can reduce breach costs by £10* per record.
  • Hardware vs Software encryption? … software is simply ‘software’ and so can be easily hacked!
  • Robust, hardware encrypted USB3.1 flash drives, like SafeToGo® Solo and SafeToGo® 302E, offer a simple, cost-effective way to keep sensitive data safe on the move.
  • If an encrypted USB is stolen/lost it is deemed to be a security breach and NOT a data breach!


GateKeeper Enterprise – Break free from insecure practices and move beyond passwords

  • The average user spends 6-8 hours a year entering passwords in different locations.
  • 81% of office employees have access to sensitive workplace information through unlocked computers.
  • 80% of IT support requests stem from passwords. The average business employee must keep track of 191 passwords.
  • GateKeeper Enterprise brings security and convenience to employees by using wireless keys to simplify the login process, remove the need to remember complex passwords, and enable access to computers and websites based on their physical presence.



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*US$ to £ exchange rate as at January 2019. SOURCES: 2018 Cost of Data Breach Global Study, Ponemon Institute. The H1 2018 Breach Level Index by Gemalto.