If you are interested in the ThinC-AUTH but have more questions about this product, we have collated some frequently asked questions for you below.

FIDO2 Standard specifies three modes of user authentication: 1. User Presence: Just check if the user is present or not and does not verify the actual user. 2. Client PIN: Verifies the user with a PIN/password. 3. User Verification: Verifies the fingerprint to make sure the user is verified. If you don’t enrol fingerprints and don’t set the PIN then the ThinC-AUTH device works in User Presence mode. After you set the PIN it work’s in Client PIN mode and after you enrol the fingerprints it works in User Verification mode with fall back to Client PIN. Note: The FIDO Server/Web Service can choose which mode they use to authenticate the user so even after enrolling fingerprint and setting Client PIN if the server tries to authenticate in User Presence mode then the ThinC-AUTH device will not verify the fingerprint.
The ThinC-AUTH supports up to five fingerprints.
User needs to deactive the two-factor authentication (2FA) from the FIDO enabled service and needs to reactive the 2FA service on a new ThinC-AUTH device. The 2FA deactivation process depends on the Website/Service providers and may vary from one to other.
Ensurity Technologies will be providing a few optional ‘add-on' services. Using the add-on services/modules, user can securely take backup of multiple FIDO registrations and securely store them in private/public cloud in future.
- For U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) services, the device supports unlimited registrations. - For FIDO2 services, device supports unlimited FIDO2 registrations with non-resident keys. - It can store up to 30 resident keys.
The device provides option to set password as back up authentication mechanism for fingerprint. If password/PIN is configured in the ThinC-Manager tool, in the event of three unsuccessful fingerprint authentication attempts the tool will automatically prompt for entering the password/PIN.
No, once the fingerprints are registered using the ThinC-Manager it is no longer required to use the device with the websites/FIDO services.
The “ThinC Management Tool” is a GUI tool, available on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Using the same tool, users can register/manage multi-fingerprints and storage partitions on applicable ThinC devices. Devices are functional on any platform: ThinC-VAULT directly functions without any driver on any OS. ThinC-AUTH depends on the OS browser support with FIDO.