If you are interested in ThinC-VAULT encrypted USB storage with biometric authentication but have more questions about this product, we have collated some frequently asked questions for you below.

No. The device will be accessible only after a registered user's successful biometric authentication.
ThinC-VAULT devices support up to 15 fingerprints. Each user can have a maximum of three fingerprints.
Storage partitions are encrypted with hardware based AES-256 algorithm. The encryption key is stored securely. Find out more about the benefits of Hardware Encryption over Software Encryption here
ThinC-VAULT devices support up to eight storage partitions. The ownership/accessibility of storage partitions can be assigned to either a single user or a group with read-only or read-write permissions. Max three group partitions are permitted.
ThinC-VAULT supports up to five users and three groups. Each group supports up to five users.
The “ThinC Management Tool” is a GUI tool, available on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Using the same tool, users can register/manage multi-fingerprints and storage partitions on applicable ThinC devices. Devices are functional on any platform: ThinC-VAULT directly functions without any driver on any OS. ThinC-AUTH depends on the OS browser support with FIDO.